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Frequently asked questions



Does chiropractic just focus on the spine?


No, whilst chiropractors are very well placed to deal with spine disorders, 4 to 5 years of the training encompasses treatment of all the joints and muscles of the body and their impact on the nerves, which can give rise to pain.


Is chiropractic effective?


Yes. There are many high quality studies proving its efficacy and it is recommended by the Department of Health in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and is on NHS (NICE) guidelines. There is strong supportive evidence concerning all of the conditions listed on this website for chiropractic care.


Is chiropractic safe?


Yes, a wide variety of studies throughout the world have shown treatment is both safe and effective.


Does it hurt?


Manipulation or mobilisation, when performed skilfully by a qualified chiropractor, is unlikely to cause discomfort. Working on muscles may result in some soreness, but no more than would be expected from a sports massage. All treatment can be modified accordingly to best suit you.


Do chiropractors crack bones back into place?


No. Bones or joints are not cracked back into place and there is no evidence for this. Any cracking or popping sound heard is due to pressure changes within the joint and is a coincidental occurrence that occurs with manipulation, just one of the treatments that may be used to restore function to a joint.


Can anyone call themselves a chiropractor?


No, it is illegal for anyone to call themselves a chiropractor without holding a recognised qualification. If you are uncertain whether someone is a chiropractor or not, please click on the link to the General Chiropractic Council’s website.


Can anyone receive chiropractic?


Yes, from babies, to pregnant mothers, to those with arthritis, osteoporosis and people of all ages. The care programme will be adapted to suit your age / condition / requirements.


Is treatment clothed?


Yes, for your comfort, treatment is fully clothed. However, if you’d prefer, gowns are provided.



Does acupuncture hurt?


The needles are incredibly fine and patients are often suprised they don't even feel the insertion of the needle. 1% of the time you may feel a brief sharpness.


Is acupuncture effective?


Yes. There are now an abundance of very high quality studies proving its efficacy for the conditions listed on this website. Acupuncture is now listed on NICE (NHS) guidelines.


Is treatment clothed?


Yes. Where possible you are fully clothed and the clothes covering the area are rolled up. Where this is not possible, gowns are offered if preferred.


Is it suitable for all?


Acupuncture is suitable for most patients but for those where acupuncture is not suitable (e.g. those with severe clotting disorders) alternatives may be used. There are also several other therapies offered at the clinic so there will be something suitable for all.


Are single use needles used?


Yes, for your safety, the needles used are disposable and only used once. They are also stainless steel (those with nickel in may provoke an allergic response in some patients).


I have a phobia of needles, is there an alternative?


Even patients with a phobia of needles have found acupuncture to be far better than expected. However, if you would rather not have acupuncture, acupressure may be used instead. It applies similar principles and uses pressure applied by the fingers of the clinician rather than a needle.


Are there any side effects?


Acupuncture is very safe with few side effects.  The most likely side effect is post treatment soreness which affects a small number of patients, this may last a few hours to a day or so. To avoid any allergic reactions, stainless steel rather than nickel needles are used. Additional effects reported by patients aside from pain relief are euphoria and relaxation. Patients sometimes report a restful night’s sleep on the day of treatment.