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"I was delighted by the opening of the South Coast Clinic and the treatment offered by Dr Alexander Wood. As well as relief from arthritis, my energy level and general sense of well being has increased since starting treatment. The clinic is well equipped and has a thoroughly professional feel to it ."  

Bruce Rae, St Leonards.


"Fantastic treatment on my hip, calves and knees. Without the expert advice and treatment, I woud never have been able to run the marathon. Thank you and will continue my running for a long time to come." 

G Crawley



“I have visited chiros for the past 20 years for lower back problems and Dr Wood is by far the best.”

Ian, Manufacturing Manager, 53.


“Since I was a child I’ve suffered from pain in my back & joints. Chiropractic treatment is the only successful treatment that’s alleviated the pain and allowed me to lead a painkiller free life! My job involves wearing heavy costumes and being on my feet all day. Dr Wood has been greatly helping me to manage my back on a daily basis, advising on stretches & providing excellent adjustments during my appointments.


Chiropractic isn’t just about having adjustments, it’s about trusting your chiropractor’s advice, using it every day and leading a healthier life as result. I’ve seen a lot of specialists over the years but can say truthfully that the treatment I’ve received from Dr Wood has been second to none.”

Laura Tinch, 28.



“I have been treated for hip / back pain and migraines. I felt an immediate difference after just one session. Now after several treatments my symptoms have greatly improved and would strongly recommend chiropractic treatment.”

Stacey, 30.


“My first visit to the chiropractor was for crippling sciatica. Compensating for which made me hunch over causing back pain. After one treatment I left the clinic able to walk upright. Subsequent visits proved beneficial.I also attend for treatment of neck tension which leads to severe headache. I consider this treatment now as more prevention.


Currently I am being treated for a damaged knee ligament – again after only one visit there was a marked improvement. Subsequent visits are continuing the improvement. Had I not had treatment for the sciatica, it would not have occurred to me to seek treatment for anything else. I’m glad I did.”

Christina, 67.


“I attend the chiro for a back problem. On my first visit I happened to mention I was going to the doctors the next day for steroid injections for plantar fasciitis (a foot problem). Alex said “I can help that” and he did. I had had pain for six months and after a few weeks of treatment the pain has finally gone. As an added bonus I haven’t had a migraine since starting my treatment.


I would recommend treatment to anyone. Alex has a kind calm manner which always puts me at ease.”

L Robertson, 56.



“Help with legs, ankles and knees. Can walk much better now, really pleased.”

Mrs L Symmons, 72.


“At present, I am being treated for left knee problems. Alex has worked wonders with this and all pain is almost gone. I have been attending this practice for a number of years and have had back hands and shoulder problems treated successfully.”

D Symmons, 73.


The following testimonials are from genuine patients and relate to the treatment provided by chiropractic

doctor Alexander Wood.